Not A Test Subject

Anonymous asked: I love ladies who have nice curves~ A little meat to grab <3

"Oh…. Erm… I think you’re getting the wrong end of the spoon…"

Anonymous asked: By the way, how is your figure? *pokes her sides*

"It’s fine."
Ginger’s figure is pretty good. She’s pretty short but reasonably curvaceous (in a good way)

Anonymous asked: -pokes ginger- haha. so pretty.

"Well… Thank you Nonnie."

Anonymous asked: How do you keep a nice figure with all those delicious pastries around you? Or aren't you able to keep your lovely figure?~

"Well, Nonnie, I tend to just resist the temptation to stuff myself with sweets. I’ve lived around them for eighteen years after all."

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chris evans + emojis

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please, judge me not by the vast number of crimes against society i have committed, but by the good memes i post online regularly

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Send “Please don’t do this.” for my muses reaction to your muse leaving mine

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"Eeveelutions are pretty cool" giveaway
Hello, I remade and I think it’s time for a new rad giveaway o/ Thank you for the many people who have already followed me too!
You will win:
A brand new eevee 3DS XL.
Any eeveelution keychain of your choice
Any eeveelution plush of your choice under $40
        Must be following me. I’m strictly Pokemon-only.
        Only reblogs count, liking can be used for bookmarking only
        No giveaway blogs or inactive sideblogs, meaning they don’t count
        You must give out your address so I can ship it to you, but that’s only after you win!
        If you’re under 16 make sure you have your parents consent I don’t wanna get in trouble.
        This is international, I pay for shipping.
        Winners will be chosen by a random generator
        If you do not respond within 48 hours it goes to the next one in line.
    It ends September 15th. Good luck.





This is very important if you’re ever in a situation similar this pretend that you’re dead don’t scream and @#!*%

my dad told us this if someone shoots up our school

not even a joke we learned this in Police Explorers and put it on your clothing as well but go quickly because you don’t know where the person is.

i will never not reblog this